Runaway June Sign With Quartz Hill Records, Brown Sellers Brown Management

Country music group Runaway June has signed a record agreement with Quartz Hill Records for label and another deal with Brown Sellers Brown Management for management representation.

The all-ladies trio, consisting of Stevie Woodward, Jennifer Wayne, and Natalie Stovall, also announced that their upcoming single, “Make Me Wanna Smoke,” will be released on May 19. The song was premiered on a recent episode of “The Bobby Bones Show.”

In a statement about the new partnership, Runaway June said, “We cannot wait to start this new journey with Quartz Hill Records and the amazing team there. We couldn’t ask for more passionate, talented, hardworking, true believers fighting for us.”

“Benny Brown signed this band from the beginning, and to be together again is a dream come true,” they added. “We are counting down the days until we can share the new music we are creating together with the world!”

Benny Brown, Managing Partner of Brown Sellers Brown Management, said it is so great to be working with Runaway June again.

“They’re all so talented and I’ve always been a big believer in them and their music—I think this is some of the best music they’ve ever done and can’t wait for everyone to hear it,” he added.

(Photo: Ford Fairchild)

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