Samantha Harvey Interview, Q&A with YouTuber, Please Singer


If you don’t know the name Samantha Harvey, then you’re going to want to ASAP. Sam is a British YouTuber-turned-singer-songwriter who is making some serious waves in the music industry and adding to the list of musicians who found fame on YouTube. Not only is she still getting millions of views on her covers that she uploads to YT, but she released an EP, has a killer single and is currently performing at some of the biggest music festivals in the world. Is there anything she can’t do?

We got to sit down with the 24-year-old and talk about what it was like to make the switch from singing covers on YouTube to releasing original music, why she started singing in the first place and what it was like to sing at the same festival as Nick Jonas and DNCE. Trust us when we say that you’re going to love this girl.

Samantha started out by posting covers of some of her favorite tunes, but she never thought she would one day be singing to a crowd of thousands.

“It was never my end goal to be famous,” she told us. “I started doing weddings with four older guys in their 60s! We did a bunch of classic wedding songs and people even told me to go on The X-Factor. I wasn’t really up for that so then they said I should start doing covers so they could listen to me and not have to go to a pub or gig. One day I just down on my bathroom floor and filmed on my phone and I did that once every six months.”

She continued, “I did a Sam Smith one and it just blew up overnight because I realized that you could change it from private to public and people could share it. I kept doing covers and got more bookings and eventually got managers who said I didn’t need a record label. So I released my EP independently and then got a label from that, so it’s really ironic. My main goal was never to be famous or recognized for singing because I didn’t think I was great, I was just doing it because I loved it.”

Over the years, the blonde has gone on to release an EP and a music video for her first original song, “Please.” As a musician from across the pond, Samantha wasn’t sure how she would be received in the States, but her recent gig at the SunFest Music Festival melted away all of her fears.

“It’s crazy that people were waving their arms and paying attention to my own original songs when they could easily just be standing there with their arms crossed not listening,” Sam said. “But they were all getting their lights out on their phones and eventually sang the chorus of ‘Please.’ I was so nervous that no one would know me over here, but I got loads of followers after the gig and loads of people DM’d me which was amazing.”

Not only did she get to live out her dream of performing at a huge music festival, but she also got to experience the mini Jonas Brothers reunion! Well, kind of.

“I was so mad, we left before Joe [Jonas] came out on stage [and performed “Lovebug” with Nick Jonas]. I stayed and listened to a few songs from the beginning of his set but some of my band stayed and said that when Joe came out everyone went mental.”

So what’s next for the British beauty? She is currently working on a full-length album as well as a documentary that will show what her first crazy year of fame has been like, which may or may not feature some parts of this interview!! We are so excited to see Samantha continue to succeed and be able to say, “We knew her when…”

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