Samantha Markle Calls ‘Daily Express’ Article On Thomas & Meghan ‘Bullsh*t’ On Twitter, Tags Donald Trump

Meghan Markle’s half-sister, Samantha, is pretty active on Twitter. She uses it as a platform to express her views on the duchess from time to time, as well as refuting published articles that she doesn’t think are valid. Case in point was her response to a Daily Express article titled, “Meghan Markle’s dad blasts ‘cruel’ and ‘heartless’ British SNOBS amid royal feud with Kate.”

The article quotes a friend of the dad, Thomas, who goes on to make several claims about how he feels about the way the British media appears to be turning against her. The friend said that “Thomas is of the opinion, ‘What’s next? Is someone going to demand: Off with her head?.’” Also, the friend told the publication that “[Thomas] says, ‘They’re nothing but snobs and their behaviour is a disgrace.’” The article also includes many other quotes from the dad, supposedly, which all defend Meghan and her character.

However, Samantha isn’t having any of it.

“These bullsh*t articles continue! Cease and desist with the disparagement, defamation libel and slander of the Markle family! This interview never happened my father never called the British people snaps! Stop your sh*t or being sued! @POTUS @uscongress00 @KensingtonRoyal”

Some of Samantha’s fans applauded her for the tweet, while others insisted the sister leave the duchess alone.

Later comments revealed that Samantha disagrees with the title of the article, saying that “the dumba** writer [gave] it a headline that says ‘meghan Markle’s Dad blasts,…’. It’s suggest to the reader that my dad said that, needs to be retracted.”

Arguably, one of Thomas’ friends could have theoretically given the interview, although Samantha seems sure that this never happened. And for now, it does appear that the dad has ceased giving interviews like he was doing right after the royal wedding. But for his friends to do so would be out of his control. Whatever the case, only time will tell whether the duchess will make amends with her estranged dad.

On the other hand, Samantha is planning a tell-all book on Meghan, which appears to have been re-titled, “In the Shadows of the Duchess.” The release of the book is rumored to be timed around the time Meghan is expected to give birth. Considering the royal family’s aversion to unapproved interviews with the media, such a tell-all book is likely to cause an even greater rift between Meghan and her half-sister.

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