Sarah Hyland Hits The Gym For 1st Time After Hospital Stay & Vows To Get Abs Back : ‘Strong > Skinny’

Sarah Hyland is back in the gym! The ‘Modern Family’ star documented her first workout since her hospitalization earlier this month. See the pic here!

If you need Sarah Hyland, 27, she’ll be at the gym! The actress revealed on her Instagram story that she’s received clearance to get her exercise back on after being admitted to a hospital over a week ago. “Finally have clearance to workout. Abs here I come. It’s been a while,” she captioned the June 26 post, adding that “Strong > Skinny.” In the photo, you can see the Modern Family star surrounded by workout equipment while wearing a sports bra and sweatpants. She also shared a video of herself in action with the caption, “Workout before work.” Keep it up, girl!

ICYMI, Sarah was hospitalized on June 18 to be treated for an undisclosed health issue. By the following weekend, she was already back home and feeling “so much better” after receiving treatment. “Thankfully, Sarah went to the hospital before things got too serious, but she could have ended up in a really bad place if she hadn’t undergone treatment when she did,” a source close to the XOXO star told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY.

“Sarah’s doctors gave her a really stern talking to, and reminded her that it’s essential she always puts her health first, before everything else, including work,” our insider added. It’s good to see that she’s taken that to heart and is prioritizing her health through squeezing workouts into her busy days.

Sarah also documented the measures she took to rid her face of swelling post-hospital stay. On June 25, she shared a picture of her face being smoothed out by a massaging beauty roller. “Thank you iv antibiotics for saving my life. But thank you @nursejamiela for Saving my swollen beat ass face after all that fluid retention,” she wrote on the image.

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