On a Scale From 1 to WOW, Queer Eye's Antoni Is Off-the-Charts Hot

On a Scale From 1 to WOW, Queer Eye’s Antoni Is Off-the-Charts Hot

Have you ever found yourself watching a show and suddenly realized you need to rewind it because you were so distracted by a star’s looks that you maybe kinda sorta didn’t actually pay attention to the plot? Well, if you haven’t, sorry for you, but in any case, that’s 100 percent what I experienced when I first started watching Queer Eye. The Fab Five is hot, and Antoni is a John-Mayer-meets-Brandon-Flowers snack in a way I never knew could exist (but wow, I’m so glad it does). Like, if I had an avocado for every time I watched Queer Eye and thought, “Oh my god, Antoni is beautiful,” I’d have a sh*t ton of avocados, is all I’m saying.

So yeah, Antoni is easy on the eyes, but he’s also insanely sweet. When he tears up, we all tear up; there’s a reason people have turned “Netflix and chill” into “Queer Eye and cry,” you know? On top of everything else, he can cook, and not only does he have a cookbook deal on his plate (pun intended), but he’s also opening a restaurant in NYC. Bottom line: he’s as lovable as it gets and if, like me, you wish there were about a million more Queer Eye episodes to binge, here are some gorgeous Antoni pictures to hold you over.

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