Scottsdale Mayor Calls Floyd Mayweather Partying at Club Amid Pandemic ‘Disturbing’

The boxing legend and fellow partgoers enrage the Mayor of Scottsdale, Jim Lane, after they broke the social distancing rules by partying at International Boutique Nightclub in Old Town Scottsdale.

AceShowbizFloyd Mayweather, Jr. has ignited the fury of Scottsdale mayor Jim Lane after footage emerged earlier this week of the former professional boxer partying at International Boutique Nightclub in Old Town Scottsdale. The retired athlete and a bunch of fellow partygoers cramped in the Arizona club on Saturday, May 23, breaking the social distancing rules amid the coronavirus pandemic.

When asked to respond to the situation, Lane calls the images from the party “disturbing.” He tells TMZ without mentioning Mayweather by name, “The images from Old Town Scottsdale this weekend are disturbing, and frankly show a real lack of common sense and civic responsibility.”

The Scottsdale mayor is also angry at the nightclub owner, saying, “Businesses and their patrons need to realize that individually we each play an absolute part in our own personal hygiene, distancing and health courtesies, and each of us also plays a significant part in our city’s health, both physically and economically.”

“This disease is spread between people — and personal actions determine whether public health guidance is effective in blunting the spread of COVID-19,” he stresses the need for an individual to discipline him/herself in following the protocols.

“We succeeded together in preventing our medical services from being overwhelmed. It was a costly effort; many businesses and individuals paid a huge cost for the success we have had to date,” Lane adds. “It is imperative that all businesses comply with the governor’s executive orders — to ignore them is to risk faster spread of this disease and further damage to our physical and economic wellbeing.”

He continues in his lengthy statement, “In responding to reports about non-compliance to the governor’s orders and public health guidelines, we educate businesses and solicit their cooperation first. I am personally reaching out to the businesses that were shown over this past weekend to be open with large crowds, so that I can discuss with them the importance of our continued progress. If we choose to respect one another as part of a community effort, we will bring the city and the country back.”

“There are other steps that can be employed under the state and city emergency declarations if needed-we take these matters very seriously,” he reminds citizens. “Now more than ever we need people and businesses to do the right things. Stay home if you are sick or have any symptoms of illness; wash or sanitize your hands frequently; stay six feet away from others wherever possible and cover your nose and mouth when you can’t keep your distance.”

Mayweather has not responded to the criticism addressed to him for ignoring the COVID-19 guidelines.

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