Selena Gomez Filmed Naked In The Tub In Wild Instagram Video — Watch

Selena Gomez is doing some crazy stuff involving cake, an eyeball and taking a bath, in a new short horror flick. And it’s actually kind of creepy!

Selena Gomez, 25, has left her Disney days behind her – way behind her! And if you don’t believe us, check out Canadian artist Petra Collins latest short film on Instagram. Called A Love Story, it was released on June 20 as the app launched its new IGTV project. The clip is a little disturbing and if you don’t like horror films it just might make you feel uneasy. Petra announced the project by sharing still photos from the film on her Instagram feed. One pic is of a dazed Selena, submerged in a bath, barely looking alive. Another photo shows her laughing while sitting in between the legs of a woman who is wearing a mask of hands.

In more scenes from the film, Selena bathes while playing with a realistic mask of a face that she sometimes holds in her hands. At other times it reappears on her back before slipping off into the water! But while those visuals are a little weird, it’s her persistent humming in the background that’s unsettling. You almost feel that something is about to happen or someone is about to jump out of nowhere that will shock you into letting a blood-curdling scream!

When she’s not playing with the mask in the bath, Selena eats cake off her legs. Yes, really! The cake is slathered over her calves and she scrapes it up and into her mouth with a gigantic kitchen knife! At one point she even pops a human eyeball in her mouth.

Selena’s fans are divided over the film. One person slammed Petra (who has collaborated with the pop star before), writing on the artist’s Instagram page, “Petra Collins you better get away from Selena Gomez. Don’t influence her with your weird plans and behavior.” Hmm, OK. But other people disagreed. One fan wrote, “This is so creepy and cool at the same time.” Meanwhile yet another follower added, “Love Selena trying out new things!” One person just wrote, “WTF???” Well, if Petra and Serena were looking for strong reactions, they’ve definitely got them!

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