Selena Gomez Flaunts Squad Tattoos

During one of her best friends’ birthday, the singer and her friends decide to get two matching tattoos to commemorate the big day.

Selena Gomez celebrated her best friend’s birthday by getting two new tattoos over the weekend (August 18-19).

The 26-year-old singer took to Instagram on Saturday to document “part one” of Courtney Barry’s 26th birthday celebrations, sharing a series of snaps of the duo enjoying pizza and cake with long-time pals Ashley Cook and Raquelle Stevens.

Later in the day, the group hit up a tattoo parlour for some spontaneous ink and decided to mark their friendship by getting the number four tattooed on various parts of their body, with Selena opting for the inside of her right arm.

Sharing images of the four friends laughing and joking while receiving their new ink, the Back to You singer explained the meaning behind the number with her fans.

“Best friend turned 26. Part 2,” she penned to her 140 million Instagram followers. “#4 because these women have stayed by my side for 7 years (@ashley_cook 12 years) 4, because you are my 4 for the rest of my life. I love you ladies. You all inspire me to be better, stronger, closer to god and we have lived the most INSANE story together already. Can’t wait for 50 more!! Ps @raquellestevens had an actual panic attack (rolling eyes emoji) it’s a dot! (face palm emoji).”

Selena also got a matching number one tattoo on her ribcage with her “actual number one” Courtney, bringing her collection of inkings, which also includes music notes on her wrist, a Roman numeral on her neck and Arabic writing on her side, to a reported 10.

Sharing a photo of the duo displaying their new body art, Selena paid testament to her “incredible” best friend and their long-standing friendship.

“The way you handle life’s most confusing moments is indescribable and graceful,” she gushed. “You are moved by the littlest stories to the most heartbreaking ones, you will give someone your perfume if they say you smell nice, you are freaking hilarious and always stand firm in your faith, a loving sister, an amazing friend and a beautiful daughter. You are the definition of FEARFULLY and WONDERFULLY made baby!”

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