Selena Gomez: The One Birthday Gift She Wants From Justin Bieber Despite Their Split

Justin Bieber may be engaged to Hailey Baldwin, but his ex, Selena Gomez, still wants a birthday gift from him when she turns 26 on July 22. Well, sort of…

For the sake of everyone in this longstanding love triangle, we hope Justin respects Selena’s wishes and hold back from sending her anything on her birthday. Not only would be it disrespectful to Hailey, but it would just play with Selena’s emotions.

Anyway, we’re super excited for Selena’s birthday and can’t wait to see how she celebrates her big day! Who knows — maybe she’ll link up with BFF Taylor Swift and they’ll have some fun together. That would be awesome. Or maybe Selena will finally meet her future “perfect boyfriend“.

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