Shannen Doherty’s Cancer Journey Continues As She Undergoes Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Shannen Doherty has had a rough couple of years regarding her health. It has been two years since the actress underwent a mastectomy while dealing with breast cancer. Doherty has been transparent through it all, updating her fans and documenting her journey on Instagram.

Mother’s Day was spent in the hospital for Shannen Doherty, and her mom, Rosa remained by her side. The two have shared this journey every single step of the way. As Doherty gave her mom praise for being there for her through it all, the two posed for another photo while in the hospital. Despite the circumstances, the two managed to spend the day together. According to People, Shannen Doherty revealed she underwent breast reconstruction surgery. This is a big step for the actress as she talked about how hard the mastectomy was on her almost two years ago.

Last month, Shannen Doherty revealed that one of her cancer markers came back elevated. She has been optimistic in light of the news, stressing that being positive is the only way to get through life. Throughout the next five years, her journey is crucial. Five years in remission is a big deal, and as of now, Doherty has been cancer-free for one year. Fans have shown an incredible amount of support for Shannen as she documents her milestones.

One of the most memorable moments Shannen Doherty shared with fans was when she shaved her head after she began treatment for the breast cancer. Her mom was there helping her, and in that moment, the photos showed strength and beauty. Doherty has been realistic about what is happening in her life, never allowing doubt to creep in, but also acknowledging the severity of the situation.

Happy Mother’s Day mom. I only bring you to the best places… food..yum. I love you. Thank you for always being there. I’d write more but pain pills are kicking in. @themamarosa #reconstruction

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The surgery Shannen Doherty underwent will change her life forever. She will be able to shop for bras and not feel awkward like she did in the beginning. Doherty explained that her experience trying on bras after her mastectomy was hard. In fact, she walked out and cried in her car. Yesterday was a new beginning for the actress, and another step in her cancer journey.

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