Shannon, Tamra & Emily Get Into Blowout Catfight Over 'Abusive' Marriage Comments

On this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Shannon Beador got into a blowout fight with bestie Tamra Judge over comments Shannon made about cast mate Emily Simpson‘s marriage!

The episode started off with, Tamra, 50, and Eddie Judge, 45, going on a double-date with Emily and her husband Shane.

After ordering a gin-martini—which is not advised for someone suffering from heart issues—Eddie said, “I feel great. I can’t go hard. I can’t go fast. But yeah,” before Tamra interjected, “That’s because he went on this medication.”

“The one medication he can’t go off of is the blood thinners because if he does, they fear he will have a stroke,” Tamra told the group.

“I have zero control over Eddie’s health issue,” she said in confessional. “I can’t help him. He’s suffering and it sucks.”

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The topic then turned to Emily’s recent encounter with cast mate Gina Kirschenheiter, who Shane recently threw out of their house for being “loud and obnoxious.”

“My husband is sarcastic and people think he is being rude when he is not,” Emily said.

Meanwhile, Vicki Gunvalson, 56, was faced with a tough decision. While looking through photos, she said, “I need to know if Steve wants to get married or not. We are two and a half years in and if not, I need to make some harsh decisions.”

The screen then flashed to Emily and Gina’s shopping trip. While the two ladies were enjoying their spree, Gina made a comment about marriage that seriously offended Emily. “I don’t appreciate people having opinions of my marriage when they don’t know my marriage,” snapped Emily.

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Meanwhile, Kelly Dodd, 42, was trying to teach her daughter Jolie right from wrong. After admitting that she spoiled her daughter, Kelly decided to take matters into her own hands and brought Jolie to a volunteer organization to help teach her the importance of giving back.

“You have to give back because that is what life’s about. Helping people,” Kelly said. “Taking Jolie to the Soup Kitchen will teach her to be grateful and thankful for everything that you have.”

Afterwards, Jolie clearly learned a lesson as she told her mom, “We really are blessed to be living this life.”

Staying on the topic of mother and daughter, the scene switched to Tamra and her mother, Sandy having a very racy girl talk. After the star’s mom revealed she was dating a plumber, Tamra told her that costar Shannon was getting $22,000 a month in child support from her ex-husband, David Beador.

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“I don’t believe you have to screw the man,” said a concerned Sandy.

“Well he took the utilities out of his name since he is paying her so much money and so Shannon calls me hysterical,” Tamra told her mom. “She told me, ‘I didn’t know you had to pay for water.”

But what truly brought the entire cast together for episode seven of RHOC was Vicki’s and Shannon’s joint birthday party.

While getting ready to go golfing for the day—which is what Vicki wanted the entire cast to do—Emily revealed that she still had issues with Shannon’s comments about her marriage.

“Her marriage is over and was tumultuous. Me and Shane are still together. So when you make those comparison’s it pisses me off,” Emily said in confessional.

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While on the golf course, Kelly—who said that the other girls “suck at golf” compared to her— turned her attention to the “hot bearded dude” golfing alongside them.

Needless to say, the ladies boozed it up on the golf course—so much so that Tamra made sure to bring a Breathalyzer to ensure they all properly “whooped it up!”

After playing most of the course, the ladies all sat down for lunch—and drama ensued!

Emily brought up Gina’s comments on Shannon’s marriage and how the mother of three compared her abusive marriage to ex David to Emily and Shane’s marriage.

“I thought that Shannon felt that she was projecting her own stuff onto you,” Gina said.

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“I never said that her husband was abusive,” Gina screamed at the group.

“Shannon said that she was worried for you because of your husband Shane and how David was a lot like him,” Kelly told Emily.

When Gina and Emily walked away from the group, Emily said to her, “Just because your husband is not around and mine is, mine gets exposed.” That clearly did not sit well with Gina, who has since filed for divorce from her absent husband Matthew.

Back at the table, Shannon, Vicki, Kelly and Tamra are all trying to figure out where the “abuse” comment came from when Tamra yelled, “When someone is talking bad about your husband it is hurtful.”

Shannon got emotional, insinuating that Tamra was projecting her anger towards her over a comment that she apparently, “never said.”

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“Don’t put what happened between Gina and Emily and her husband on me,” Shannon said. “You compared him to David,” Tamra fired back.

“After everything that I went through with David, you are going to sit here and attack me right now,” Shannon yelled at Tamra before storming off.

“Does it really matter that Shannon has an opinion of Shane? It doesn’t matter. Let’s talk about something important. You don’t have a retirement plan and I could fix that. What are you going to do with your 401k. Those are important things,” Vicki said at the end of the episode.

As the episode wrapped up, it became clear that everything was fine between Emily and Gina, who decided to hug it out rather than continue arguing.

Do you think that what Shannon Beador said about Emily Simpson’s marriage was wrong? Sound off in the comments below.

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