Shay Mitchell Talks Raising a Biracial Child During Black Lives Matter Movement

Shay Mitchell is opening up about raising her biracial daughter Atlas.

The Dollface actress recently shared that she is already teaching her eight-month-old daughter about activism amid the Black Lives Matter movement.

“We’re reading books, one of her nighttime books is A Is for Activist. We’re starting her right now because I think it’s so important to educate them at a young age so they know that truly no matter what you look like, you deserve to love and be loved without judgment, be all and end all and that’s it,” Shay told ET. “Especially coming from a mixed family herself. I hope it’s in our generation and I really pray that it’s in hers as well that there will be a huge change and I slowly see it right now.”

She also dished on teaching Atlas to be an avid hand washer.

“We have started already. It’s part of her nighttime routine. She’s touching everything, putting everything in her mouth, so you want to start them as early as possible,” she said. “It’s part of the time she goes to bed, we’re like, ‘It’s time to wash your hands.’ I sing ‘Happy Birthday’ twice over. I may or may not do a little dance, it’s a whole routine, but she’s certainly laughing the whole time, and it’s definitely something she’ll look back on, hopefully with fond memories.”

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