Sherri Shepherd can’t afford another husband

Sherri Shepherd has been through two divorces and doesn’t want to marry again.

“Girl, I can’t afford another marriage. I’m fine. I’m content,” Shepherd told Wendy Williams on Tuesday.

Shepherd, 51, was married to Jeff Tarpley from 2001 to 2010. They share a 13-year-old son, Jeffrey Charles Tarpley.

She was also married to Lamar Sally from 2011 to 2014.

Over the last several years, Shepherd and Sally have been engaged in a nasty battle over child support for their surrogate son, Lamar Sally Jr., who was born following their split. Shepherd has no involvement in the child’s life but continues to pay child support.

As for her relationship with her ex-husbands, it seems non-existent. Shepherd says she doesn’t see or speak to them unless they’re all in court together.

“It’s rough. I had to go to court the other day and both the husbands were there,” the former “View” co-host said. “I was just like, ‘Lord, I am really getting tested today!’ … They go to court together. Dumber and dumb-ass.”

Despite the drama, Shepherd tries to keep things positive around her son. “For me, I always make sure Jeffrey’s father is a hero in Jeffrey’s eyes,” she explained. “Because all of the craziness has nothing to do with Jeffrey.”

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