Sheryl Underwood reveals husband’s suicide while discussing Kate Spade

Sheryl Underwood says she understands the pain Kate Spade’s daughter, Frances, is feeling following the suicide of her mother on Monday.

“I’m kinda emotional about this because as you know my husband killed himself,” a teary-eyed Underwood, 54, shared on Wednesday’s episode of “The Talk.”

“You will never know. For people who think they know. You’ll never know if it’s clinical depression. You’ll never know if it’s financial stress,” she added.

Kate’s husband, Andy, said she battled “personal demons,” depression and anxiety.

Underwood then turned her comments toward 13-year-old Frances, who was named in Kate’s suicide note.

“I’m sad for her daughter, for that to be in the note because my husband left a note,” Underwood added. “And what the note does to the person who is still alive is, it shows that the person who is no longer alive has now had the final word. There’s nothing you can do about it now. And that pain … it doesn’t go away. I really hope that the family can come together for her daughter because it just doesn’t go away.”

Underwood and her husband (whom she did not name) were married for three years when he took his own life in 1990, reports TMZ.

She previously discussed overcoming her struggles with People.

“I’ve been through a lot,” the comedian said. “But it’s not all woe is me. This is a journey … Everything I went through made me stronger. You may never forget it, but in remembering it you should make it better for the next person.”

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