Shoppers can’t help but notice new Asos range looks very similar to Asda uniform

If you saw someone wearing a black and green top and matching gilet, what would be the first thought that pops into your mind?

According to a great number of people online, the colour combination is reminiscent of the Asda uniform worn by workers.

Retailer Asos is currently selling black and green outfits as part of a new clothing range and shoppers were quick to point out the similarities between the garments and the iconic supermarket uniform.

The outfit in question features an £11 sleeveless black jacket with a neon green trim, over the top of a neon green t-shirt.

One amused person took to Twitter to comment on the look, saying: "Loving the ASOS Asda range."

The tweet was picked up by Asos official Twitter, who joined in on the joke.

They replied with: "Looking for a uniform collab @asda?"

A screenshot of the tweet was shared on the Asos Facebook page where it went viral, garnering over 9,000 likes and 3,000 comments.

"Wore this to Asda the other day turns out I'm now covering Sarah's shift on Friday, thanks Asos," commented a woman named Amanda.

Someone else joked that it would make a great costume for Halloween next year, writing: "We can go as Asda workers."

A third person noted that their old uniform must be "fashionable" now and proclaimed they'd have to go "dig it out".

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