‘SNL’s Cecily Strong Nails Impersonation of Giuliani’s Star ‘Witness’ Melissa Carrone – Watch!

Saturday Night Live is back and is taking on the alleged election fraud!

On Saturday (December 5), SNL started off their show with the recent Michigan hearings with Kate McKinnon once again playing Trump‘s attorney Rudy Giuliani.

In the sketch, Giuliani brings out witnesses who are “highly intelligent, barely intoxicated individuals.”

Cecily Strong then hits the stage as Melissa Carone, who has gone viral in the past few days for her messy and confusing testimony.

“I personally saw hundreds if not thousands of dead people vote,” Cecily as Melissa said. “I’m not lying. I signed an After David.”

“We have to listen to our hearts and our minds,” she said later. “And even though it’s a fraudulent erection, it can still get you pregnant.”

Watch the cold open below!

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