Sophie Turner Had the Perfect Reaction to Arya's Big Moment

This goes without saying, but because we’re courteous and classy and just good people, if for some reason you didn’t watch last night’s Game of Thrones, you should probably stop reading this right now! Seriously, like, what are you doing? Go watch the episode and then come back, thank you, see you soon, bye.


OK. So. Game of Thrones. We all watched last night, it was dark, stuff happened, yada yada yada. Of that stuff that happened, though, one thing definitely stood out above the rest—the ‘water cooler’ moment of the episode. We all may have reacted to that moment at our watch party, or on social media, or texting our friends, and that doesn’t exclude major stars of the show.

That’s right—not long after fans everywhere erupted to the fact that Ms. Arya pulled the ole’ switcheroo and did the deed on The Night King, Sophie Turner, a timeless reactor herself, took to her own Instagram story to let her near 11 million followers know how she felt about the epic feat pulled off by her on-screen sister (played by one of her best friends and future bridesmaid).

“Arya really is that bitch,” she said. “YES. YOU. ARE. BITTTCH!”

Arya herself, Maisie Williams, posted a slightly alternate version of Turner’s same praise in her own Instagram story:

Turner also paid tribute to another longtime character who bit it in heroic fashion, with a post commemorating both Theon Greyjoy, and Alfie Allen, the actor who’s portrayed him from the very first episode.

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To Alfie and to Theon…. “You’re a good man”

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No word yet on tributes paid to Edd (or Jorah, Beric, Lady Mormont, etc).

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