Sorcha Groundsell Says ‘The Innocents’ Is Really About How Difficult Growing Up Is

Netflix’s new series The Innocents is described as a supernatural teen romance, but really, it’s more than that.

Star Sorcha Groundsell, who plays June, spoke with The Scotland Herald about the new show, premiering on Friday, August 24th.

“At its core, it’s a show about people growing up and how difficult it can be to find out who you are, when you’re that age, a teenager and trying to find a place in the world,” Sorcha says.

She adds that the show could be a narrative for a more fluid nature of people’s identity, as well.

“It hadn’t occurred to me at all, but I think there is definitely a rise in storytelling about that kind of thing,” Sorcha says. “About the nature of identity – the outside versus the inside and all that type of stuff.”

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