Spencer Pratt Says His Crystals Are Mostly Responsible For ‘The Hills’ Reboot

Most fans are thanking the MTV Gods for blessing them with The Hills reboot, but Spencer Pratt is crediting a different higher power: the power of his crystal collection.

While hosting the We Out Here: A Crystal Kick Back event at Avenue in Hollywood on Tuesday, the 35-year-old admitted to Us Weekly:

“I will give a lot of credit to crystals for the reboot of The Hills. I held a lot of crystals with a lot of positive intentions for eight years. The only thing crystals aren’t immediate, you know? It took eight years.”

Hey, if manifesting reality TV reboots was easy, Paris Hilton would’ve revived The Simple Life years ago.

But the Pratt Daddy Crystals founder knows that sacred stones take time to work their magic, seeing as he’s used them for well over a decade. Even back during The Hills’ original run, Heidi Montag’s hubby used crystals as a therapeutic method — way before it was cool.

Now, Spence is happy to see that other celebs are becoming crystal addicts just like him, continuing:

“I’m just so thankful now that all celebrities are embracing it because it went from making me looking like a lunatic to on-brand now. So I shout-out Miranda Kerr, Jessica Simpson just threw an amethyst in her IG story the other day, Heidi was like, ‘Jessica Simpson has crystals!’ … So thanks, Jess, that made Heidi let me buy more crystals.”

We guess crystals really do work in mysterious ways.

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