Staci Felker: 5 Things To Know About Ex-Wife of Miranda Lambert’s New Boyfriend

Isn’t this just messy? Miranda Lambert is reportedly dating Evan Felker, who is allegedly still married to his wife, Staci Felker! As this scandal unfolds, get to know a little more about Staci.

1. She and Evan broke up after a year of marriage. It’s time for some southern sweet tea, involving one Miranda Lambert, 34, and Evan Felker, 34, the lead singer of the Turnpike Troubadours. Miranda and Evan have reportedly struck up a new romance, which wouldn’t be a big deal except – he’s still technically married! Yeah, calling Staci Felker (née Nelson) the “ex-wife” of Evan is a bit premature, as he only filed for divorce in February 2018. There are conflicting reports as who wanted to end the marriage first, but Daily Mail reportedly got the documents that indicate Evan was the one who pulled the trigger on the divorce.

2. She and Evan had been together for years before the breakup. Staci and Evan were married in September 2016. In fact, she celebrated their 1-year anniversary with a sweep IG picture of her in her wedding dress. “Looking back on a year of marriage like it’s a breathtaking view of the Barcelona beach #MrsFelker” That’s sweet – and heartbreaking, considering everything that has happened. Evan and Staci had been together for years. A 2014 IG photo shows her trying to “steal a kiss” from her man.

3. She appears to work at Ernst & Young. “It’s been a fast 5 years with @EY_CareersUS.” Staci wrote when captioning a 2013 Instagram post. “I’ve learned a lot, worked a lot and met my … family here! #ey #timeflies” EY is a “multinational professional services firm,” working on advisory, assurance, tax and transaction services. Staci posted about how “over the moon” she was about EY’s United Way campaign in Sept. 2017.

4. Staci has a good sense of humor. Staci seemed to weigh in on Miranda and Evan’s alleged affair on April 26, posting a pic to her Instagram Story. “If Staci Felker can make it through this week, so can you,” she wrote in the picture. She does have a point, and it appears Staci has found a way to laugh through the heartbreak. “Cancelling plans is ok,” she posted to IG on March 26. “Staying home to cook is ok. Disappearing for a bit to get your life together is ok. Resurfacing in a foreign country with a new name 10 years later is ok. It’s called self care.”

Staci loves the outdoors, her family, animals and the strong women who stick together. “#optoutside,” Staci said in a Nov. 2017 IG photo of her and a group of friends standing by a gigantic fish. She has also filled her social media presence with pictures of her family, her mom, her pets – “5 dogs [and] 2 cats” as of Feb. 2017 – and her love of the Oklahoma State University Cowboys. She also shared a picture on the past International Women’s Day. “Love and light to everyone out there – May you be so lucky to know women like those in my life should you ever fall on or get shoved into hard times. Warm, loyal, strong, talented, moral, smart, funny, affectionate and patient women who have Gal Gadot level abilities of saving me.”


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