Stanley Tucci Shares Family Recipes in Self-Isolation Diary

The ‘Hunger Games’ actor reveals in a self-isolation diary he has been cooking for his huge family during the quarantine amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

AceShowbiz -Actor Stanley Tucci has shared dishes he’s been cooking to feed his huge family that pair well with his popular cocktails.

The Hunger Games” star went viral on social media for his mixology skills last month, April 2020 and now he is offering up some homemade meals to complement his delicious drinks.

Stanley has documented a day of cooking for his hungry family of seven, noting he has an extra mouth to feed because a friend of his older children is on lockdown with the brood, in a new COVID-19 self-isolation food diary, sharing recipes, including one for lamb chops which he likes to serve with one of his famous Negroni gin cocktails.

“With four people ages 18 to 20, the amount of food, beer, and wine consumed is staggering,” he quipped in The Atlantic article published on Friday, May 15, 2020. “If there is a shortage of avocados at the local stores, it’s because we’ve eaten them all. If there is no Kerrygold butter left in the United Kingdom, it’s because it’s either in our freezer or we ate it. All of it. Just f**king ate it. Probably without even spreading it on anything.”

The actor, a keen home chef who previously wrote The Tucci Cookbook, also offered up recipes for simple chicken stock and Pasta alla Norma.

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