Stars At The Border Protesting Donald Trump’s Separation Of Kids From Families: Mira Sorvino & More

Amber Heard, Lena Dunham & so many more celebs showed up to protest at the Texas-Mexico border! Check out all the favorite celebs standing up to Trump’s zero tolerance immigration policy here!

The Mexico-US border city of Tornillo, Texas became a crossroads where hundreds of protestors voiced their concerns, anger and frustration at the Trump administration’s policy that separated kids from their parents, according to CNN. Among those lending a voice to children who are voiceless were Mira SorvinoAmber Heard, Sia, Lena Dunham, Bella Thorne, Joshua Jackson, and more. These celebs showed up to challenge Trump’s policy just like everyone else who was present to protest the growing crisis of family separation and its harmful short-term and long-term effects on the children caged up away from their parents. This comes as a result of the White House’s “zero tolerance” policy toward illegal border crossings. Even though Trump has issued an executive order that he claims will keep children together with their families, its legality is still very much uncertain.

In addition to posting a picture of all the celebs who protested Trump, Lena shared an inspirational message. “We came to Tornillo, Texas, to show our solidarity with the families who have been separated, the children who are alone and the parents who are grieving and the undocumented Americans who are losing more than I can fathom,” Dunham wrote. “Thank you, Tornillo, for showing us a warm border welcome and reminding us that together we rise.”

Meanwhile, Mira revealed that it was Lena who invited her to come to the border. Sorvino wrote in the caption of an Instagram post, “TY so much @lenadunham for inviting me on this moving journey of bearing witness at the border. Tho they would not let us pass through, knowing that those children were there on the other side of the barbed wires, in a desert where the heat was easily over 100, made me want to fight even harder to.”

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