Stella Maxwell Gets 5-Year Restraining Order Against Alleged Stalker Who Threatened Rape

Stella Maxwell can rest easy — at least for the next 5 years — because the man who allegedly threatened to rape her and set her house on fire has just been ordered to stay clear of her until 2 Presidential elections from now.

The supermodel filed docs back in Oct. against Ruben Velazquez, whom she claimed threatened her on Instagram, and even showed up in person several times to her house.

As we reported, Velazquez allegedly sent horrifying messages like, “I’m thinking of burning your house” and referred to himself as her husband, saying, “we are going to f*** Stella.” The messages allegedly continued, with lines such as “I will find you” and “I [will] leave you in a wheelchair.”

He even allegedly sent her a pic of her own house, which he seemed to have taken himself — standing just a few feet away.

Velazquez has also been charged with criminal threats and harassment.

At least 5 years should allow the VS model to get some beauty sleep.

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