Strictly 2018: How the stars of the show maintain their youthful looks

Shirley Ballas

The Strictly 
head judge looks arguably younger than she did back 
in 2010. So what’s her secret?

The 58-year-old swears by vampire facials – which involve taking 
blood from your 
arm, separating 
the red and the 
white blood cells 
and re-injecting 
it into your face – as well as a ‘little bit of Botox’ to maintain her youthful glow. But, while she’s been honest about those two procedures, she ruled out rumours of 
a facelift by saying, ‘not 
yet anyway!’

While we think 
Shirley looks fabulous, some Twitter trolls 
think she’s taken it 
a little too far, calling 
it a ‘Botox overload’. 
Bit harsh!

Tess Daly

As much as we’d all like to wish the Strictly co-host has had a helping 
hand in looking that good at 49, 
Tess claims she’s ‘Botox free’ and 
is embracing her wrinkles.

‘You can see in the flesh I haven’t had any work done because there are wrinkles,’ she said. ‘But you know what? I embrace it.’

So what is the mum-of-two’s secret to seriously smooth skin? ‘Look after your skin and keep your face out of the sun,’ she explains. 
‘I always take my make-up off and drink boiled water before bed. It really flushes out impurities and keeps your skin and eyes clear.’

We’ll try it!

Bruno Tonioli

Bruno is like 
a fine wine that keeps getting better with age. But the Italian stallion claims it’s not Botox that keeps him looking young – it’s a facial that will set you back £120.

The 62-year-old 
is a big fan of 
CACI Synergy 
facials, which aim to rejuvenate the skin 
by tightening and lifting it.

The flamboyant Strictly judge wouldn’t rule Botox out, though. ‘If I found a brilliant surgeon who could do it without making me look ridiculous, I probably would, if and when the time comes,’ he confessed. ‘But 
my face has to be mobile for my job.’

He’s got a point!

Craig Revel Horwood

The 53-year-old judge confessed to having his ‘nose done’ but has always remained tight-lipped over whether he’s dabbled with Botox.

Despite this, former Strictly contestant Judge Rinder isn’t convinced and said, ‘He has frowned in the past five years – where it’s possible.’ Miaow!

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