Strictly Come Dancing’s Karen Clifton breaks down in tears on stage

They are currently in the middle of a gruelling tour – and a difficult break-up.

So it’s understandable that Kevin and Karen Clifton would occasionally get emotional as they travelled the UK together.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened when the Strictly come Dancing pair performed in Kent on Wednesday night.

Following a high-energy performance of their smash-hit dance production, the estranged pair struggled to maintain their composure.

Specifically, Karen, 36, could be seen bursting into tears as she stood before the live crowd.

Stood together at the Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury, the pair looked close – despite the fact their three-year marriage recently crumbled.

Wearing a bright red dress, the TV beauty could be seen welling-up as the audience cheered their exhaustive routines.

As she lapped-up the praise, she leaned-into her partner and broke down.

Offering his support, Kevin wrapped his arm around her waist in a mature sign of solidarity.

Naturally, the scenes have given fans fresh optimism that the couple may be able to call-off their divorce.

However, those hoping for a reconciliation will be disappointed – after it was recently revealed the pair won’t dance together during Strictly Come Dancing 2018.

A source told The Sun : “Kevin and Karen might put on a united front in public but it’s purely for show.

“For the time being they needed to protect their business interests — that’s the only reason they haven’t publicly confirmed divorce proceedings and Karen still wears her wedding ring. The can barely stand being in the same room.

“Kevin is determined that he won’t be dancing with Karen on this year’s series and is relieved that Strictly bosses are mixing things up and giving the dancers more variety on who they dance with on each show.”

The Mirror have contacted representatives of Karen and Kevin for comment.

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