Susan Lucci Really, Really Likes To Work Out

While about 1.8 million Americans were driving through the McDonald’s window this morning for their Sausage McMuffin With Egg (I had to Google the breakfast menu for that gem- apparently despite A & W selling out of their Beyond Beef burgers in Canada this summer, not everyone in the world is vegan yet), Susan Lucci was working out on her Pilates PRO Chair, and you best believe, looking damn fabulous doing it! Susan says that at the age of 71, she works out six days a week and is proud of her rock hard abs.

Before you call her lazy for only working out six days a week, simmer down. La Lucci told Women’s Health Magazine that she would work out seven days a week (and usually sneaks something in on her rest day because she’s a bad girl like that), but her trainer is trying to sabotage her success and told her to have one day to rest.

“I try to take one day off, because you’re supposed to take a day off,” she says. “But I’ll always do something, because I find my body craves it.”

Susan upped her workout game even more while prepping to appear on Dancing With The Stars two years ago. “I knew I’d have to step up my program, to get an even stronger core to be dancing on the show,” she says. Now, she says she’s very proud of her flat abs.

The only thing I crave in the morning is more sleep and the promise that I will be able to go back in bed within the next twelve hours. Good on you, Susan! And who but a professional 21 time Emmy nominated actress could look so coquettish and glamorous, pumping iron without even breaking a sweat? No one! That’s who.

Susan has been pushing the Pilates PRO Chair on QVC for a while now, and tells us that for only six easy payments of $49.99 (a total steal of a $379 value, if you care to do the math), you can receive your very own starter package to be on your way to looking like Ms. Erica Kane herself! If you’re poorer, you can buy a Basic Bitch Pilates PRO chair on Amazon for $220. If you are poorest, you can troll your neighborhood on garbage collection day to score your own chair for free. Be patient- it will happen, because not everyone is La Lucci, so those chairs probably end up in the garbage a lot.

The Pilates Pro Chair looks like the device my memaw and papaw used to have in their bathroom to hoist themselves onto the toilet, only theirs was only available in white with silver accent handles. The Pilates PRO Chair is available in “six beautiful colors“! Which to choose first!?!?!

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