Suzanne Somers calls Matt Lauer a gentleman

Suzanne Somers still worries that flirting will go away after an onslaught of famous men — including Matt Lauer — were axed for sexual misconduct.

Talking to TMZ’s cameras in Los Angeles on Wednesday night, the “Three’s Company” star reminisced about being interviewed by the disgraced NBC anchor, saying he was always a “nice guy” to her on set.

“I’ve done the ‘Today’ show so many times with Matt Lauer and he’s such a nice guy,” she said. “I don’t know what he does in his time off.”

Lauer’s first wife, Nancy Alspaugh, came to his defense in a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, saying, “He needs to be given a chance … He is too talented not to have a great career.”

While Somers didn’t specifically agree with Alspaugh when asked about her comments, she said Lauer was always “a gentleman” when they met.

She also maintained her defense of Morgan Freeman after having initially sided with him after several women leveled sexual harassment accusations against him.

“He’s just a flirt and I don’t want flirting to end,” she said. “I love the dance between men and women and I hope men never stop flirting. It’s a good thing, I love it, I’m just, like, an old-fashioned girl.”

“Just don’t stop flirting,” she said straight to the camera.

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