Sylvester Stallone Recalls Animosity Towards Dolph Lundgren During ‘Rocky IV’ Casting

When stopping by ‘The Tonight Show’, the ‘Rambo’ star tells Jimmy Fallon about the first time he met the Ivan Drago depicter, describing him as ‘something from a thousand years into the future.’

AceShowbizSylvester Stallone despised Dolph Lundgren before casting the actor as the villain in “Rocky IV”.

The “Rambo” star found the perfect nemesis in Dolph when he showed up to audition for the part of Ivan Drago in the 1985 movie sequel after leaving a bad impression on Sly.

“In ‘Rocky IV’ I really wanted a big, horrible, vicious guy,” Sylvester explained during an appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” on Thursday, September 19. “Like a primitive. And I couldn’t find him. I’m finding giant wrestlers and football players, and that. And then all of a sudden the door opened, the smoke came in, there’s light… shoulders this wide, everything was perfect.”

“Even his calves were coming through his clothing. Just muscular. Blue eyes are staring into my soul. He was the real Terminator, and I was like, ‘I hate this guy. He’s too perfect. And if I loathe him, I’m sure the world will’.

“He looks like something from a thousand years into the future.”

However, three decades after his initial disgust, Stallone and Dolph have become friends and they are currently working on a new television project together.

“There’s an idea we’ve come up with, called ‘The International’,” the 73-year-old action man added. “It deals with the UN (United Nations) but it’s a different kind of UN, a little hardcore. There’s a lot of action in it, but it also really feeds into who Dolph is, because he is international. He’s incredibly intelligent, so he’s going to bring a different spin to the whole thing.”

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