T.I. Charged With 3 Misdemeanors After Allegedly Assaulting A Guard — Could He Go Back To Jail?

Uh-oh T.I.’s just been charged over his arrest following an incident with a security guard. He’s facing simply assault, disorderly conduct and more. Does this mean he’s headed to prison?

For those who may have forgotten, T.I., 37, was arrested on May 16 following an incident with a security guard outside his gated community in Henry County. Well, prosecutors haven’t forgotten, as they’ve slapped Tip with three misdemeanors, according to TMZ. The rapper has been charged with simple assault, public drunkenness and disorderly conduct. T.I.’s lawyer, Steve Sadow, tells the publication that the charges are “baseless, ill-founded and unjustified.”

Perhaps, but what’s more pressing issue is: will he be separated from his family over this? Thankfully, a source with direct knowledge of the case tells TMZ that he’ll likely face no jail time over the incident. That should bring a bit of relief to his wife, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, 43, and six kids.

“T.I. never threatened or acted in a violent manner towards Euwan James, the security guard,” T.I.’s lawyer told the Atlantic Journal-Constitution. “Indeed, we understand the security guard was fired for the way he handled the situation with T.I. We had sincerely hoped that the Henry County Solicitor had better, more important, things to do to serve the Henry County community than prosecute an African American over a verbal dispute during an encounter with a security guard who was asleep at his post and was unwilling to provide his name to T.I. so T.I. could report the guard’s misconduct to his employer.”

Supposedly, T.I. showed up at the gate but had forgotten his keys to get into the community. The guard – the aforementioned Euwan James – refused to let him in first, but after T.I. supposedly cursed out the guard, Euwan relented. Tip went home, parked his car, but walked back to the guard shack to get Euwan’s name. It was there that the security guard called 911, claiming that he was “threatened by a resident and he’s here now knocking at the door.” T.I. says that the guard cursing out his wife, who vouched for T.I., was the thing that really set him off.

This legal nightmare might have the worst timing. Tiny recently celebrated her 43rd birthday, and while Tip “isn’t out of the doghouse” over his alleged cheating, he seems to be getting back in his wife’s good graces. Thankfully for Tip, Tiny is “ride or die,” and after having three kids together, there’s “too much history to just throw [it] away.”

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