Tamara Ecclestone offers £6million to get back precious raid haul

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The daughter of ex-Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone said she was “going Mel Gibsonstyle from the movie Ransom” to try to get items back from Britain’s biggest ever burglary.

The 38-year-old insisted she had “waited long enough” to do so by conventional means.

Ms Ecclestone claimed yesterday the episode “still traumatises my family and I”.

She posted on Instagram: “The thought of those disgusting people, rummaging through my house, invading my home, touching my belongings and stealing things most precious to me, means I will never be able to lay my head to rest in that house with the same sense of security.”

Ms Ecclestone added: “Whilst I have accepted that I will never likely see my stolen belongings again, I will happily put up a reward of 25 percent of the value of anything the police are able to recover resulting from information by a source. If you are the source, you get the reward. It’s that simple.”

Ms Ecclestone was on holiday in Lapland with her husband, art gallery owner Jay Rutland, their daughter Sophia and their dog when their home in Kensington was raided in December 2019.

A trial last year at Isleworth Crown Court heard how she was left “scared” after her the west London mansion was ransacked of £25million worth of cash, jewellery and gems.

Three men were jailed last year but none of the stolen possessions were recovered other than a pair of earrings.

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