Tamera Mowry Warns $2 Billion Powerball Winner to Be Careful with Jackpot

Tamera Mowry is giving out crucial and timely advice for the new Powerball winner — as they cash in on that fortune, she’s warning the instant billionaire to simply beware!!

We got the “Sister, Sister” star at LAX Tuesday … and she got really candid about her thoughts on the SoCal resident who hit it big, and scored the winning ticket for the $2.04 billion jackpot.

Tamera warns that kinda money can actually be dangerous because, as several previous winners could testify … the cash makes you a walking bank, and an easy target.

She tells us, there’s actually a really grim history of lottery winners going missing … or worse, getting murdered! It’s a dark topic she says she got familiar with while working on daytime TV.

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ICYMI, the winning lottery ticket was announced Tuesday. It was sold in Altadena, CA …  making the ticket holder Cali’s first billionaire winner ever AND it’s the largest lottery prize in history!

The bottom line … Tamera just wants the winner to steer clear of all the crazy folks out there. Her advice is simple … whoever hit the jackpot should use it wisely, donate, and be safe in these streets.

As for the actress, she says if she ever comes across this kinda money … she’s giving away half.

Take note!!

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