Taylor Swift Brought Tim McGraw On Stage To Sing ‘Tim McGraw’ & Fans Are Freaking Out

Taylor Swift surprised her crowd in Nashville with a performance of her first ever single ‘Tim McGraw’ and invited the actual Tim McGraw (and Faith Hill!) to sing it with her!

If you haven’t noticed by now, Taylor Swift enjoys surprising her fans with spontaneous performances on her Reputation tour. But last night, the crowd in Nashville got the ultimate treat when the singer brought out Tim McGraw and Faith Hill to sing along to her first ever single, “Tim McGraw.” If fans in the audience didn’t already think about Taylor when they thought Tim McGraw, they definitely will now!

The performance started off with Taylor singing solo while playing the track on her piano. This moment alone got fans in their feelings, but things only got more intense from there as Hill, and eventually McGraw, came out onto the stage.

“Just wanna remind you that Taylor wrote Tim McGraw in math class demod it on her piano but never played it to anybody because she thought it was “too personal” and last night she played Tim McGraw on her piano to a crowd of 69,000 people with Tim McGraw & Faith Hill singing along,” @taylortrivia13 tweeted.

Other fans lost it over knowing that Taylor’s childhood bestie Abigail Anderson was watching from the audience. “Abigail probably remembers the day Taylor played Tim McGraw for the first time I want to know how tf she is coping seeing her best friend make the ultimate full circle,” @savedbypayne wrote.

This morning, the “Delicate” hitmaker also shared a behind-the-scenes video from her soundcheck with the country crooner. In the clip, she sings, “When you think Tim McGraw” before panning the camera over to a laughing McGraw. Taylor really outdid herself at her Nashville show. And, oh yeah, Karlie Kloss was there. Kaylor lives!

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