Taylor Swift Fans Beg Kim Kardashian To Apologize To Singer 2 Years After Snake Tweet

The internet is ablaze over National Snake Day! Taylor Swift fans are trolling Kim Kardashian, demanding she apologize to Tay for their years-long feud! See all of the #KimApologizeToTaylor messages from Swifties all over the world!

Taylor Swift, 28, fans are coming for Kim Kardashian, 38, and it’s not pretty. On National Snake Day, which fell on July 17, Swifties flooded Twitter with messages aimed at Kim to apologize to Taylor for their feud, which has been raging on since 2009. So many tweets were fired off that the hashtag #KimApologizeToTaylor was trending. See some of the best reactions to National Snake Day, below!

Outspoken Twitter users also used once of Kim’s tweets about mental health against her. “Mental health is no joke and the media needs to stop spitting that out so casually. Bottom line,” Kim tweeted back in April after Kanye West, 41, posted tweets in support of President, Donald Trump, 72. Ye was criticized that he wasn’t mentally stable because of his praise for Trump.

And, don’t think Tay didn’t realize what holiday it was. She just so happened to walk out of her Tribeca apartment sporting a snakeskin backpack on July 17. While the singer kept mum about buzz (or hissing), the smirk on her face and the backpack were enough proof that she knew what was up.

Check out more tweets:

#KimApologizeToTaylor you shamed a woman for doing nothing but living her own life and many death threats and online bullying “jokes” ensued. as a grown woman you should apologize for causing the hate that taylor swift has been receiving from late 2016 to present day.”

#KimApologizeToTaylor you bullied her to protect your sexist, Trump-supporting husband. We all know Taylor was never the one who lied, you were.”

#KimApologizeToTaylor u lied & tried to tear someone down bc u couldn’t take the heat ur husband was getting for his actions, its been 2 years & some people still believe your lies, u tried to ruin her career even tho your own mother told you to do the mature thing and call her.”

“what she did causes taylor 2 years of hate and bullying and if mental health was really on kim’s radar she wouldn’t have done what she did. it is SO immature to use snapchat to take down someone. it’s so easy to post exactly what you want people to hear #KimApologizeToTaylor”

“See the hypocrisy… She bullied Taylor Swift and when media was bashing her husband then she said mental health is no joke. If she really cares about mental health then she should apologize to Taylor.”

#KimApologizeToTaylor the sad thing is, is that kim probably doesn’t want to apologize because she’s so bitter and only cares about herself. she knows that if she apologizes, that her own fans will go against her. it’s not her brand to apologize. it’s disgusting.”

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