Taylor Swift Fans Have Found Some INCREDIBLE Easter Eggs in the "Lover" Video

Taylor Swift released the video for her new single “Lover,” and I love-r it. Ha ha, so sorry I didn’t get much sleep last night due to easter egg hunting. The video is a colorful explosion of happiness and romance, featuring Taylor in different rooms of a big house inside a snow globe with her boyfriend, played by Christian Owens.

And like literally everything Taylor does, the video is packed with easter eggs. And fans figured them out in less than twelve hours due to spending all night just all:


Let’s start with the fact that these board games are most definitely lyrics:

These board games are definitely lyrics! #LoverMusicVideo pic.twitter.com/mP9VKUuFsF

And the fact that she used the same phone from the “Our Song” video:

THATS YHE SAME PHONE FROM OUR SONG MUSIC VIDEO #LoverMusicVideo pic.twitter.com/mPq3swsXJY

And um, then there’s this freakin’ mind-blowing theory:

i’m a clown #LoverMusicVideo pic.twitter.com/tl2YvQxQQu

And this incredible flashback:

I JUST HAD A FLASHBACK #LoverMusicVideo pic.twitter.com/btUab6BQ3L

And this very literal metaphor:

this is seriously such a beautiful aesthetic?! the rest of the world was black and white, but we were in SCREAMING color 🌈 #LoverMusicVideo pic.twitter.com/TlgSgXtzO2

And this meta throwback moment:

THIS IS WHAT I CALL A GLOW UP #LoverMusicVideo pic.twitter.com/fEixtMEjY1

And this lyrical throwback moment to “New Year’s Day:”

Theres glitter on the floor after the party… #LoverMusicVideo @taylorswift13 @taylornation13 pic.twitter.com/ZynPu6gCUj

Plus, this reference to “You Need to Calm Down:”

WAIT, I THINK THE CAKE FROM “YOU NEED TO CALM DOWN” AND “LOVER” MUSIC VIDEO ARE THE SAME. #LoverMusicVideo @taylornation13 pic.twitter.com/gvK16JRV9Y

Truly, WOW:

EXCUSE ME WHILE I GO SOB #LoverMusicVideo pic.twitter.com/jBHa4SB1h4

And this theory, which Taylor confirmed herself on Tumblr:


I wish I had the intelligence required to analyze music videos as well as some people in this fandom do

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Of course there are some reaches:

OKAY, SHE JUST PROVED THAT SHE’S ARIEL. #LoverMusicVideo @taylornation13 pic.twitter.com/d9sk9mtIXl

But say it with me: HER MIND.

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