Taylor Swift Gushes About Blake Lively & Anna Kendrick’s ‘A Simple Favor’

Taylor Swift just saw Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick‘s new movie A Simple Favor, and she has nothing but praise!

The 28-year-old “Delicate” singer took to her Instagram Stories on Friday (September 21) to share her thoughts.

The clip features Taylor – wearing a long-sleeve green shirt and a black hat – sitting in the car with her dad Scott.

“So we just went to go see A Simple Favor,” she says, as her dad adds, “Best movie. Loved it.”

“Best movie, so incredible,” Taylor continues. “Everyone did such an amazing job – Blake, Anna, the whole cast. It was so insane.”

“You gotta see it” Taylor finishes. “You really do. Like, just go see it.”

Taylor and Blake are longtime friends. ICYMI, watch Blake and husband Ryan Reynolds adorably react to hearing their daughter James‘ song at one of Taylor‘s shows!

See Taylor’s Instagram Stories screenshots below…

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