Taylor Swift Spills On ‘Reputation Tour’ Set List & Fans Are Freaking Out

Taylor Swift took to Instagram on Apr. 25 to reveal some of the songs she’ll be performing on her upcoming ‘Reputation Tour’ and fans are all for it! Find out what she has in store for her concert attendees here!

Taylor Swift, 28, has started providing details on Instagram about her upcoming Reputation Tour, which is set to premiere in Glendale, AZ on May 8, and that includes what kind of songs she’ll be belting out on stage. The singer posted a series of clips to her Instagram stories in honor of the tour being 13 days away, which of course is her lucky number, and one of them revealed that she’ll be singing about 10 songs from her previous albums on the tour. “Really excited about playing stuff from Reputation, excited about playing stuff that is from previous albums too,” she said in one of the clips. She also promised to post a fact about the tour once a day from now until the opening show to give her fans more info about what they can expect so it’s definitely an exciting time for all the Swifties out there!

It didn’t take long for fans to respond to Taylor’s Instagram story on Twitter. Some expressed their anticipation for the concerts while others talked about how excited they were to hear old songs in the stadiums. “reputation Tour Facts: Fact no. 1: TAYLOR WILL PLAY 10 SONGS FROM HER PREVIOUS ALBUMS FOR THE #reputationStadiumTour THE OLD TAYLOR IS NOT DEAD!!!@taylorswift13 @taylornation13 #13DaysTilReputationTour #repTour13Days,” one enthusiastic fan tweeted.

Some fans took the time to predict which songs would be on the setlist while others shared which songs they hoped would be a part of it. “So Taylor Swift is singing TEN songs from previous albums on the Reputation tour…PLEASE HAVE ALL TO WELL BE ONE OF THEM I BEG THEE @taylorswift13, a fan tweeted. “i really really really hope @taylorswift13 plays love story on the reputation tour,” another one said. 

Although Tay gave us a number of old songs she expects to sing on the tour, odds are the exact song choices will change from show to show. She’s been known for switching things up in the past so we’re sure she’ll decide to do the same this time around which means more songs overall! We can’t wait!


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