Taylor Swift Sports Daisy Dukes While Walking In New York City

Taylor Swift is currently taking a breather from her North American tour.

Taylor Swift took a break from her record-smashing, critically-acclaimed Reputation tour to take a brief but relaxing trip to New York City.

While there, she showed The Big Apple that she’s got the best legs in this and every other business.

The Daily Mail is reporting that Taylor Swift turned heads in the city that never sleeps when she donned a two-tone denim look, pairing an acid-washed denim cropped top with a set of stonewashed Daisy Dukes.

Her toned, flat tummy was on display, as were her thin, sexy legs.

She completed the look with a pair of pure white sneakers, minimal makeup save for her bright red lipstick, and all-black sunglasses, manicure, and backpack-style purse.

But while Taylor was turning heads for what she was wearing, she was also causing people to scratch their heads because of what she wasn’t wearing — namely, her “J” necklace, which stands for Joe Alwyn, her boyfriend of a few months.

Naturally, there was some speculation about if the couple had, in fact, broken up.

But, the next day, Taylor — perhaps keen to the fact that she was conveying a message, and people were asking questions — put the beloved “J” necklace back on.

There’s another reason that the “J” necklace has a great deal of significance, which Taylor sang about in her song, “Call It What You Want,” in which she sings about wearing a man’s necklace around her neck “because he really knows me.”

They walk into the meet and greet and he says “We met 5 years ago at the Red Tour” and then….. ???????????????????????????????????????????????????? #thirdwheel

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Take me home ????

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Perhaps one of the reasons so many people speculate about the nature of Taylor Swift’s relationship with Joe Alwyn is because it is relatively new.

The pair met sometime in early 2018, while Taylor was on a much-needed break from touring and the spotlight.

It’s not clear what, precisely, was the nature of their meeting. However, what’s clear is that Joe is not much of a “spotlight” person, marking a big difference between him and the men that Taylor dated in the past.

And, as was previously reported by the Inquisitr, there’s a good reason why Taylor Swift chose to date Joe Alwyn, out of all the proverbial fish in the sea: because she values her privacy, and dating a man that’s very high-profile would lead to a huge loss of privacy, especially as far as her relationship status was and is concerned.

As was previously reported, too, Taylor Swift shared all of this with famed rock wife Pattie Boyd for Harper’s Bazaar magazine.

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