Taylor Swift wore Oscar de la Renta to the Grammys & picked up Album of the Year

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While I’m not happy at all with the Grammys’ maskless red carpet, I am grateful that we have actual PHOTOS from a red carpet. It’s been too long. Taylor Swift is getting her own post because she’s Tay-Tay. Taylor was nominated for several Grammys, all for Folklore (her first quarantine album) or for her first single off Folklore, “Cardigan.” Taylor ended up winning one Grammy last night, but it was one of the big ones: Folklore won Album of the Year. I don’t know… I kind of feel like that’s well-deserved? Folklore was a big deal and the Snake Fam looooved that album. I even liked some of the songs! This AOTY win means that Taylor has won the prestigious top prize three times – her first and second AOTY wins were for Fearless and 1989.

Taylor wore a custom Oscar de la Renta dress which suited her and suited the “Folklore era.” Very Woman of the Woods, flower-strewn forest, pastel fairy vibes. Taylor has had bangs for a few years now, but last night at the Grammys, that was the worst her bangs trauma has ever looked, in my opinion. I don’t know if she gave her bangs a too-short trim before the show or what, but they were almost baby bangs and she straightened them too! I kind of feel like her bangs alone ruined the styling of this really lovely dress.

Taylor also performed a medley of songs from Folklore in what people said was a prerecorded bit? Which was fine, the performance was fine. Tay hasn’t posted it to her YouTube page as of this writing. The Grammys did post the video of her AOTY win though:

— Taylor Swift (@taylorswift13) March 15, 2021

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