Teairra Mari Releases 50 Cent Diss Track ‘I Ain’t Got It’ & Asks Him To Do A Verse So She Can Pay Him $30K

Teairra Mari seems to sing about how she doesn’t have the money to give 50 Cent the $30,000 that she was ordered to pay him by a judge!

50 Cent has frequently chided Teairra Mari for not paying him the $30,000 settlement a judge ordered her to pay him over a revenge porn suit she filed last May, and now she is seemingly firing back with a diss track that appears to be all about the fact that she doesn’t have the money. The song, aptly titled “I Ain’t Got It,” has Teairra singing in the opening verse, “They try to break me down I tell them, ‘I ain’t stoppin’ / I gave my life on TV screens about you watchin’.” Later on she sings in the refrain, “Oh you think you gettin’ I ain’t got it” before adding, “Now I ain’t got it oh boy I’m popping / Am taking off like a rocket for thirty thousand / That’s what you loan / Y’all some lame ass ni**as I’m a Detroit b*tch.” You can listen to the whole diss track here.

We reported earlier how 50 Cent seemingly showed bodycam footage of a process server serving her papers. The clip appears to capture the moment the server finds Teairra at the airport. After confirming that it was in fact Teairra, the server handed her legal papers. While she refuses to take them, 50 Cent commented on the video in an Instagram post, writing, “You have been served.🤨better give me my money B*tch.”

50 Cent previously took to his Instagram to claim that not only hadn’t he been paid by Teairra, but that she allegedly makes $5,000 per episode on Love and Hip Hop. Taking to Instagram on Jan. 24, Fitty wrote, “Now Viacom is gonna pay me every time you are on Love & Hip Hop directly Tiearra (sic). DAMN Mona only giving yal 5k an episode😳 🤦‍♂️Bitch I want my money. LOL”

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