‘That’s So Raven’ Star Orlando Brown Says His Pregnant Girlfriend Is Missing

In a social media rant, the former child actor claims he ‘was set up again’ and that his girlfriend has ghosted him as soon as she found out she’s pregnant.

AceShowbizOrlando Brown has lamented his self-declared misfortunes after his girlfriend has allegedly disappeared. Not only she’s missing, but also she’s carrying their child. According to the former child actor, his girlfriend has ghosted him as soon as found out she’s pregnant.

The 31-year-old vented his frustration in a social media post, in which he wrote, “Every time I get a woman that makes me happy its always 4 dudes that end up making them disappear soon as she gets pregnant… Well here we are again… My girl is pregnant and no were to be found… and I was set up again yesterday….”

Claiming that he’s on his best behavior, Orlando said, “I’m focused… no drugs… clear mind finally back on track but for some reason I just can’t be happy and live my life with who I’m in love with because greedy and envious people who own the world already refuse to rest until I’m officially dead.”

He went on accusing someone or some people of wishing him to land in trouble. “They are waiting on me to snap and end up in jail… and it won’t be me nor my girl’s fault. So to those demons out there trying to provoke me to lose everything… immaturity is a disease… not a choice! What’s mine, is mines, said The Lord Thy God Selah…. Blessings manifest,” so he concluded his post, adding praying hands emojis.

Orlando also shared a sonogram, likely trying to back his claim that his girlfriend is pregnant with their child.

The actor previously had turbulent years, with him being arrested multiple times on various charges between 2016 and 2018. In December 2018, his friend staged an intervention for him and he appeared on “The Dr. Phil Show” in which he appeared confused and delusional. He claimed that he was four years sober, that Michael Jackson was his father, and that his full name is Orlando Brown Prince Michael Jackson, Jr. among other things.

He has relatively stayed out of trouble since then.

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