‘The 100’ Star Marie Avgeropoulos Arrested For Domestic Violence After Allegedly Attacking BF

Marie Avgeropoulos, star of the hit show ‘The 100,’ was arrested for allegedly attacking her boyfriend. We’ve got the details of the incident here.

You ok girl?! Marie Avgeropoulos, aka Octavia Blake on the CW’s post-apocalyptic TV show The 100, was arrested in Los Angeles, after allegedly physically attacking her boyfriend during an argument. Things turned sour for the pair during a verbal argument on August 5, and when the fight escalated, Marie’s partner called the cops from inside a car, according to TMZ. He reportedly told law enforcement that Marie had hit him, and when cops showed up to the scene, they placed the 32-year-old actress in handcuffs.

Marie’s boyfriend had marks on his body from the attack, according to TMZ, and the star was booked for domestic violence and was taken to jail. The actress’ mugshot was a tear-stained snapshot, and Marie looked miles away from her confident character played on The 100. A source told TMZ that Marie had been on new meds, and had mixed them with wine that night, which probably incited the violent reaction. The source also said that her boyfriend called police hoping the would diffuse the situation, but the plea for help backfired when they whisked Marie away to jail. Although her partner doesn’t plan on pressing any charges on her, it was a hefty sum to get Marie back home. Marie’s boyfriend had to pull today a $50,000 bond to bail her out of jail. That’s one expensive 911 call.

Meanwhile, Marie’s fans are dying for a new season of The 100. Just a week before her incident, the star celebrated the finale of season five of the show. The CW made the announcement back in May that viewers can indeed expect a new season after this one! Although no solid release date has been announced, the cast likely won’t be filming for at least a few months, and season six of the show will probably hit your TV sometime next spring.

Here’s to hoping Marie stays out of trouble in the coming months, before the filming of season 6 starts. We have a feeling the actress will stick to know what she does best: serving drama on set!

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