The 6 Most Awkward Moments of the 2022 Grammys

The Grammys are music’s biggest night, and we all know a room full of celebs = at least a little drama. Of course, along with surprise wins and iconic performances, there were a few awkward moments fans couldn’t help but notice. Whether you’re looking back to make sure you saw what you saw, or you’re just looking for drama (LOL), scroll on to find out what went down.

Here are the most awkward moments of the 2022 Grammy Awards:

Laverne Cox Shading Lauren Zima on the Red Carpet

While talking to the night’s eventual big winner Jon Batiste, Laverne Cox slyly shaded Entertainment Tonight reporter Lauren Zima over her interview with Tiffany Haddish. At the Oscars last week, Lauren asked Tiffany about her “costume change,” and the comedian immediately corrected her and let her know that it was not a costume, “It’s called an evening gown, darling.”

Dying over Tiffany Haddish interaction with Lauren Zima 😂💀 #BachelorNation #Oscars

Laverne nodded to the moment while interviewing Jon on the Grammys red carpet, and they both had a big laugh about it.

Laverne Cox making fun of Lauren Zima saying Tiffany Haddish did a costume change 😂😂#GRAMMYs

Trevor Noah Saying “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” to Bruno Mars

When Trevor Noah did a bit about Silk Sonic, the host focused a lot more on Anderson .Paak than his fellow duo partner Bruno Mars. Bruno didn’t seem to enjoy the snub, and his face said it all.

Trevor Noah: We don’t talk about Bruno

Bruno Mars: this bitch…#GRAMMYs

But don’t worry, it was all good between the two buds. As soon as the cameras started to pan away for commercial, Bruno and Trevor clapped it out and smiled at each other for selling the bit.

This @BrunoMars and @Trevornoah moment though #GRAMMYs

Olivia Rodrigo Winning Best New Artist After Having to Skip the Pre-Party

Olivia took home one of the biggest awards of the night with Best New Artist. But everyone was shocked to hear that she was actually not allowed in Spotify’s Brand New Artist party the night before due to being under the legal drinking age, according to Variety. But hey, who needs a party when you get to take home the big trophy?

and she wasn’t even allowed to go to the Spotify Best New Artist party because she wasn’t old enough, I’m going to cry 😭

The Goldfish Commercial That Everyone Wanted to Stop

Like many other brands, Goldfish created a special commercial just for the Grammys, but it actually made some fans want to throw out the delicious snack instead of buying more. A lot of people took to the internet to share frustrations with the video because the snack’s iconic jingle played over…and over…and over again…


not gonna buy goldfish anymore this stupid ad is the worst thing i’ve seen all week

Saweetie’s Laughing at the Camera Moment

After Justin Bieber’s performance, the camera immediately panned to Saweetie, who looked like she was laughing. Of course, she could have just been laughing at something someone at her table said, but ya know…

Did anyone else see saweetie laughing at Justin’s performance or was it just me😭

Not Saweetie laughing after Justin Bieber’s performance 🤭 girl me too

Doja Cat Almost Missing Her Big Win

Doja Cat and SZA took home the award for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for “Kiss Me More.” SZA needed a minute to get on stage because of her crutches (and luckily had help thanks to fellow nominee Lady Gaga). But the big moment came when Doja sprinted onto the stage and revealed she was actually in the bathroom when her win was announced.

Good thing she was able to make it back in time since it was her first Grammy win ever!

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