The Cash Me Ousside Girl Got A $42k Diamond Rolex For Her 16th Birthday

If you read the name Bhad Bhabie and thought to yourself, “Who the… who is this?” then good for you: you’re still one of the good ones. Bhad Bhabie is also known as the “Cash me ousside!” girl, also known as Danielle Bregoli, a human child of lackluster parenting who gained fame by  being a brat on the show of the ultimate overgrown brat Dr. Phil. She turned that into a rap career and it seems she’s not completely unsuccessful because her wrist is currently decked out in $42k worth of diamonds and excess.

Bhad Bhabie is 15 years old, has 16 million followers, did a Snapchat series called Bringing Up Bhabie (what in God’s name is a Snapchat series?) and either has more many than all of us combined or just pretends to. And now People says that ahead of her upcoming 16th birthday next week, she got a gift from her team: a $42,000 custom Rolex watch. My parents gifted me with $33,000 of student debt for a program I didn’t like. So… who’s winning?

Bhad Babie threw up this picture on her Instagram account thanking her management team “since day one”. Can you imagine seeing this girl on day one and being like: “I will represent her”? Wow.



Well, looks like Bhabie is really out here living her best life. Nothing says success like a gaudy pink-diamond watch that Bhad Bhabie probably doesn’t even know how to tell the time on (it’s analog, these kids all do digital, not to mention the Roman numerals). And luckily for Bhabie, Rolexes are water-resistant so the next time she throws water on Iggy Azalea in an attempt to assert dominance it will be no problem.


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