‘The Challenge’ Star Johnny Bananas: Alleged Sex Tape Leaks Online & Fans Freak — See Tweets

Holy moly! A sex tape that appears to feature ‘The Challenge’ star Johnny Bananas has leaked online and fans are absolutely losing it. We’ve got the details.

MTV’s The Challenge and former The Real World star Johnny Bananas — real name Johnny Devenanzio — is the latest celeb to have an alleged sex tape leak online. In a new video obtained by Celeb Jihad, a guy who looks pretty much exactly like Johnny and a women who appears to look just like his ex-girlfriend, Olympic snowboarder Hannah Teter are seen going at it in a raunchy X-rated video. The arm tattoos on the guy in the video match the same ones Johnny has in real life. The Twittersphere is already exploding after getting a glimpse of Johnny’s alleged banana and some of the comments are pretty brutal.

In the video, the couple are seen in bed doing the deed in several different positions and it doesn’t last very long. The site billed it as the “Hanah Teter Sex Tape” so Johnny, 36, didn’t even get billed on it. However once the two were finished, he’s seen reaching over and turning off the camera so this wasn’t a random act of accidentally having sex on tape. This was totally staged for filming. It’s just unclear if the couple wanted to keep it to themselves as a precious reminder of their love, but they’re no longer together so who knows how it could have leaked. The pair dated for five years before breaking up in 2017.

Twitter absolutely ripped Johnny apart. One fan joked, “@johnnybananas just giving Hannah a Banana.” Another got somewhat crude, tweeting to him, “@johnnybananas enjoyed watching you lay the pipe on @hannahteter on celebjihad. Hopeful for a facial clip. Keep up the good work.” One user wanted to hear what The Challenge co-star Shady Shane Landrum thought of the video, asking “We need a @shannanity comment on this @johnnybananas tape lol.”

His former co-star on The Challenge: Rivals II Jemmye Carroll checked it out and she was not impressed with what she saw, tweeting:

Mostly people just dragged the MTV star hard. “Johnny bananas sex tape. I cant unsee this sh*t now. Omg,” one grossed out person wrote.  We’ve reached out to Johnny and Hannah’s reps to see if they have any comment on the video, which appears to be several years old. So far neither of them have commented on social media about the tape.

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