The Chase’s Mark Labbett reveals incredible three stone weight loss

The Chase’s Mark Labbett has shocked fans with his dramatic weight loss after dropping almost three stone.

Appearing on The Wright Stuff yesterday, Mark – aka The Beast – was over the moon to show off his slimmed-down look as he opened up about his healthy new lifestyle.

Matt Barbet – who was guest hosting the show – asked the 53-year-old: ‘You are a fine figure of a man, but you’ve actually lost quite a bit of weight recently, haven’t you?

‘Why did you lose the weight, was there a medical reason behind it?’

To which Mark replied: ‘I’ve lost about three stone. It was the diabetes and baby diet.’

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According to the brain box – who just welcomed his first child with wife Katie Labbett – he’s cut out sugar and embarked on a healthier diet plan.

‘Obviously, it just showed how much sugar I was eating, so I simply cut that out’, he continued.

‘I’m just eating sensibly and cutting the sugar out. I’m still eating big meals, but I couldn’t keep the weight up, and that and running after a little one is also good at keeping me active.’

Matt then joked: ‘Do you think you’re less formidable as The Beast now you’re actually slimmer?’

To which Mark remarked: ‘As long as I’ve got these shoulders I think I’ll be okay.’

This comes after Mark previously revealed on Loose Women that he’d managed to shed 2.5 stone in just six months as well as six inches off his stomach. Impressive, right?

Talking to Linda Robson at the time, he said: ‘Still eating very well, but shows how many calories sugar used to give me.’

Speaking about body confidence, he continued: ‘I have a very good relationship with my body. It’s generally done me quite well.

‘I’m in pretty good shape but recently I’ve been diagnosed with type-two diabetes. I’m not going to complain; I’ve done the crime [eating too much sugar] so now I’m doing the time.’

He then added: ‘I’ve enjoyed being this heavy, I’ve generally got away with it – now I haven’t, so the weight’s coming off. I’ve lost a couple of stone so far.

‘It’s a lot easier when you know you have to.’ Good work, Mark!

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