The Killers Tease New Album With Cryptic List Of Possible Song Titles

The Killers have teased their next album by sharing a cryptic photo of possible song titles from the upcoming record.

The band posted a picture on Instagram of a white board with various words written on it that look like 13 song titles.

The potential working titles include “Blowback,” “Party People,” “Spirit of Mystery” and “When Dreams Run Dry.” The board contains 9 other titles with symbols next to them.

Other possible titles featured on the list include “My God,” “Running Towards,” “Fire + Bone,” “Just Can’t Quit,” “Mirage C’est La Vie,” “Dying Breed,” “Caution” and “Man + Woman.”

The next album would be a follow-up to The Killers’ 2017 LP Wonderful, Wonderful.

Last year, The Killers had shared another cryptic picture, which featured a variety of lyrics and other song titles that are different from the latest picture.

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