The Repair Shop’s Will Kirk gifts adorable tradition to baby girl

The Repair Shop’s Will Kirk, whose baby daughter is not yet a year old, grinned with excitement as he detailed his plan to use his wood-crafting skills to give her a thoughtful gift each year.

The 37-year-old TV star already has an annual tradition of carving an elephant out of wood, which began before her birth.

He previously unveiled an elephant sculpture that he had made not in his workshop, but while perched on a yoga mat in his front room.

However, he has now suggested he may not limit his creativity to elephants, telling Lorraine: “I’m going to do a different animal every year.”

Lorraine urged Will to “enjoy every second” of his time with his daughter, whose name he has chosen to keep private.

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Will is notoriously private and often declines to reveal information about his home life, but it is known that his wife Polly is a doctor.

The pair, who married in a romantic ceremony in the Cotswolds countryside in August 2021, now live together in the Wandsworth area of London.

It’s little wonder Will is using his creative skills to gift his daughter as, by his account, he is totally besotted with the recent arrival.

He told Hello! magazine: “I’m absolutely in love. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done, I think, having a child.”

However, Will added that he now struggles to tear himself away from her to go to work.

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“It was quite tricky to leave home this morning to come down to The Repair Shop because she’s so sweet in the mornings and she just looks up at you,” he explained on one occasion.

Meanwhile, he has been learning the guitar, after a previous failed attempt during the pandemic, and he shared a funny photo on Instagram of his little girl joining in at strumming the strings.

“Family band rehearsal going well,” he joked, as her tiny hand came into view.

The furniture restorer joked on the app: “My attempt at learning the guitar during the first lockdown didn’t last long… I’m hoping that it goes better this time!

“Let me know if you have any handy tips for a beginner.”

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