The Same Dude Will Be Playing Charles Manson In "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood" And "Mindhunter"

There’s typecasting, and then there’s very, very, specific typecasting. And then there’s Charles Manson casting, which Australian actor Damon Herriman has fallen victim to. He’s been cast to play Charlie in two different productions. According to Collider, Damon has already filmed scenes as Charlie for the upcoming season of David Fincher’s Netflix series Mindhunter. And it’s just been announced that he was signed to play Charlie in Quentin Tarantino‘s Once Upon a Time In Hollywood which maybe they should considering renaming Twice Upon A Time.

Before he was best known as that guy who keeps getting cast as Charles Manson, Damon was probably most well known as Dewey on Justified. I guess as an actor, it’s good to have a niche, even if that niche is super shifty dudes who are into Swastikas and above the neck tattoos. Damon will be playing Manson both pre and post incarceration.

Sources say that while Herriman will appear as a 1969-era Manson in the Tarantino film, his appearance in Mindhunter will be in the ’80s, when Manson was already behind bars.

So that’s two distinct performances for Damon’s reel! There’s no release date yet for season 2 of Mindhunter so we don’t know which of Damon’s Mansons we’ll get to see first. OUTIH is slated to be released in July of 2019. I guess Netflix are taking their sweet ass time with Mindhunter. Collider thinks it might not come back until next fall.

I would imagine that as an actor, being born with a face that screams “super murdery hillbilly” is a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, people love stories about murdery hillbillies so he’ll always have work. But on the other hand, even thought he’s probably a really nice guy, nobody’s going to cast him as a romantic lead any time soon. Unless it’s opposite Lena Dunham.


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