The Sussexes posted a new photo of Archie with Prince Charles for Charles’ b-day

Happy birthday to His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales – Sir, Pa, Grandpa! ? Photo credit: Chris Allerton © SussexRoyal

We’re probably going to have many conversations about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and their holiday strategy over the coming weeks. But can we all agree that we’re always going to want new Baby Archie photos? Can we all agree that cute baby photos soothe and pacify the public and the royal commentators? Faced with story after story about how the Sussexes are “snubbing” the senior royals with their holiday plans, the Sussexes did something smart: they released a never-before-seen photo/portrait from Archie’s christening. The Sussexes have been sitting on these photos for months! I mean, they released two portraits from Archie’s christening, but I would imagine there were many more to choose from. Including this one, of three generations of Windsor men – Prince Charles, Prince Harry and Archie.

It would have been great to see a photo of Charles holding Archie, but maybe the Sussexes are saving that one for another time. Or maybe Charles didn’t get to hold Archie at the christening, who knows. The money shot will be… the Duchess of Cambridge holding Archie. Maybe they’ll post that one for Kate’s birthday, lmao. I wonder if William had held Archie? Hm.

Anyway, happy birthday to Charles. He’s 71 years old. Which is a bit crazy, but here we are. A 71-year-old Prince of Wales. His two sons are 30-somethings meatheads. None of this is going to end well.

Oh, and Kensington Palace posted their birthday IG after the Sussexes. They included an old photo of Charles and Prince George Louis, plus some nice photos of Charles with his sons.

? Wishing a very happy Birthday to The Prince of Wales! ? @chrisjacksongetty / PA

Photos courtesy of SussexRoyal IG, Backgrid.

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