The Tweets About Dixie D’Amelio’s "One Whole Day" Point Out 1 Key Detail

Dixie D’Amelio already has several epic singles under her belt in 2020, but her latest track just might top them all. With Wiz Khalifa on her newest bop "One Whole Day," she debuted an entirely different sound, and fans can’t stop talking about how the lyrics seem to reflect on D’Amelio’s breakup with Griffin Johnson. The tweets about Dixie D’Amelio’s "One Whole Day" video all point to fan’s rooting for her.

"One Whole Day" hit streaming services on Dec. 4, but even before fans received the track, D’Amelio shared all the deets on what they could expect.

"’One Whole Day’ is a little bit of a song of empowerment and speaks to just being yourself, getting over things quickly, and not dwelling on the past," she told V magazine in her December 2020 digital cover story.

"My ultimate goal with music going forward is to definitely share my struggles with mental health, how I deal with it, how I move past it, and how I work with it every day," she added.

Even though D’Amelio now is a superstar herself, she was slightly starstruck after getting the chance to record with Wiz. "It will be very hard to top having Wiz Khalifa on a song," she admitted in the interview.

After D’Amelio dropped "One More Day," it was clear some of the lyrics were about how she felt after splitting from Griffin earlier this year. While some of the track is sad, like how she was heartbroken, it’s the end of D’Amelio’s music video that show she’s moved on and is feeling stronger than ever.

You can check out D’Amelio’s new song and video below, and see some of the best fan reactions.

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